Our Call (Isaiah 61:1-2)

We believe that God has called and commissioned us to bring good news to the physically or spiritually poor – those who feel depleted or whose resources have been exhausted, or those who feel as though they have nothing left. He is sending us out to comfort those who are brokenhearted, and to proclaim to those who have been held captive to something (thoughts, attitudes, feelings, beliefs, behaviors, lifestyles, or addictions) that they can be set free. He has instructed us to tell those who mourn that the time of the Lord’s favor (His unearned mercy, grace, and blessing) in their lives has come.

Our Heart (Isaiah 61:3)

We desire to restore God’s value in people, so that those who have felt despised, belittled, or rejected might feel beautiful – loved, valued, and treasured by God, and precious to Him. We want them to know that He desires to and can bring beauty out of the ashes of their lives. Those who have been mourning or despairing can have a New Day and a New Way to live in the presence, power, peace, and provision of God. They can exchange their grief and hopelessness for the joy of the Lord. He desires to grow them up into great “oaks of righteousness” that stand tall and strong, displaying what God, in His power, can do in people’s lives.

Our Goal (Isaiah 61:4)

We desire to see our communities, so impacted by the actions and attitudes of a fallen humanity, be revived and raised up in the love and life of God. They may feel that their lives are in ruins, or that they have been devastated by their experiences. While they may feel as though they have been abandoned to this fate for some time (even generation after generation), we believe that it is a New Day, and God, through us, wants to bring supernatural renewal and restoration to their lives. He desires that they be built up and strengthened in Him even as they experience fellowship with this local family of believers.